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  • Hello I’m Paul from the UK, I’m offering the service UKRAINE WINGMAN where I help men date Ukrainian and Russian girls, also girls from other ex-Soviet Countries.
  • If you have not yet done so sign up as a paying member to this site through sovietdate.com then the dating can begin.
  • I can offer a Free Initial Consultation, answer questions then offer personalised help. Let me know what stage you are at in your search.
  • If you wish I can do almost all of the online process, saving you time.
  • I can check your profile, photos, requirements.
  • Compose an initial letter and find other ways to increase replies.
  • Long term communication and keeping the conversation going.
  • If you decide to meet a girl in Ukraine I can help you before and while you are there (other countries soon). Arrange flights, organise accommodation, meet you at the airport, organise transport, organise your dates, get more dates.
  • You would get everything for the local price. Normally foreigners are made to pay x2 or x4+ the price
  • Fights from Europe (for as little as £12.99), pack a carry on bag and go.
  • • (Visa free travel to Ukraine 180 days for all American and European countries)
  • • A central apartment in Kiev costs from £20 a night. Average Taxi journey £2 and Metro 20p
  • Russian prices are a little more
  • Hopefully everything will work out great, but it’s worth getting advice and considering if she is the right girl for you.
  • The service is invaluable. It could save you £100,000’s+ your house, heartbreak, arguments, years of your life, the pain of never having children.
  • Email: contact@ukrainewingman.com
  • Please view: Wingman In Ukraine
  • • (Please know that we are a real dating service not a Marriage Agency with non-existent girls and fake tours )
  • • We use sovietdate.com a reputable Russia and Ukraine dating site.
  • My fee is £25 pound a hours, approx $32
  • There are discounts for per day, week or regular work carried out.


  • Hello I’m a genuine man from the North of Ireland, I’m middle aged and was married to an Ukrainian girl for 10 years. More recently I have been on 100 dates and had relationships with 10 Ukrainian. I Intend to marry and have more children.
  • I’ve been to Ukraine 20 times and spent 18 months in total in Ukraine. I’ve been to all of the major cities in the East.
  • I have been to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Transnistria. I can speak some Russian.
  • I have the experience to offer this service and I am a qualified mentor.
  • I can stop men making the mistakes I have made and I feel I can make a positive difference to mens lives. I promise I will not let you down.



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Russian Language

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