• Do not hurry! Have dates with as many women as possible. 100 is good.
  • Have some relationships.
  • Visit other cities, not just Kiev.
  • The first visit needs to be planned well. It would be a good idea for a wingman to advise you.
  • Communicate with many girls before a trip. Best to start a month or more before. On a trip meet about 10 girls.
  • When you find a girl you really like, ask her to marry you straight away, don’t let anyone else take her. (This is not marriage you are  not bound to her) Ukrainian women and their families see engagement as a big event. You will meet her family.
  • Do not get married in Ukraine. Instead apply for a fiance visa in your country. I did this it was approved quickly.
  • Give her presents, Flowers (you definitely have to give), perfume, chocolates. Could be money (there is not stigma, but I don’t feel comfortable with this.), bring her family small presents.

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