Getting to Ukraine

  • To Kiev
  • Come to Ukraine now.
  • Book a ticket pack your bag, Flights from £17.99
  • I can then set up a lot of dates for you with Ukrainian girls, from a real dating site (Not an exploitative marriage agency or fake tours)
  • From Europe:
  • There are several budget airlines flying to Kiev.
  • Wizz airlines (I got a flight for £17.99) Ryanair is starting in October 2018.
  • Ukrainian Airline’s flights are normally the most expensive, but are good for onward flights to other Ukrainian cities.
  • Trains and buses from some European countries, but distances are vast
  • Sleeper trains could be good
  • From America:
  • Ukrainian Airlines fly direct from America to Kiev
  • Flights from America an European City, then a budget airline to Kiev might be a good option.
  • The rest of the world:
  • Will normally need to get connecting flights
  • To Other Cities:
  • Odessa (don’t go there) Kharkov – flights to Warsaw with LOT Polish airlines
  • I’m sure there are many other variation:
  • Dnirpo – Flights to Vienna on Austrian Airlines and to Turkey

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