How to deal with Russian or Ukrainian girls

  • You need to be instant messaging more than one girl at once. They will want you to be just talking to them, but do not do this it is not a real relationship.
  • You might meet and not fit.
  • Keep to one city or do a a little tour
  • VideoCall them, see / speak to them, to check they are real.
  • Ask for as many photos as possible, some of the photos will make them look very good or the photos will not be recent. The more you see the more realistic it the image you can get of them.
  • Ask about their facebook, instagram page, but they will then ask for yours.
  • Many questions will be asked by them. Especially: Why did you get divorced?(If you are) Why are you looking for a girl in Ukraine? How often do you see your child? What’s your job? Tell me about yourself (for me that’s the worse question)
  • Be a gentleman, holding her hand when she gets down from a bus or stairs (This is a good way of testing is she likes you) opening doors for her, pull her chair out at a cafe, holding her coat while she puts it on (there is no feminism)
  • Getting her a taxi if it is dark, standing on the metro or a bus it’s busy and women are there.
  • Do not be weak she will be testing you to see if you are worthy, or weak, if you will be a strong husband and father, protect her. Being a gentleman can sometimes be seen as being a push over. If she is taking advantage of you, you need to stand up to her.
  • It’s ok for her to go on the metro or bus than to take a taxi.
  • Take her to a cafe instead of a restaurant. If they suggest a restaurant say you hasve already eaten.
  • A date can just be going for a walk and a drink, 1 hour.
  • Buy her less expensive gifts, red roses, inexpensive (but branded) perfume and chocolates.
  • Think of it like where you would go what you would do in your own country.
  • Go to a pizza restaurant, not a sushi restaurant.
  • When the woman arrives give her the flowers and say you will take them to your appartment
  • Later when you retrieve them ask the woman up to your apartment.

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