Russian and Ukrainian Girls Love Flowers, A Lot

  • I’ve never known anyone love flowers as much as Russian or Ukrainian women, they are obsessed by them.
  • Especially roses, big, red with large stems being the best.
  • It’s much more important to give flowers than any other gift.
  • On first meeting it is really important you buy her roses or peonies. It will really make her light up, and get her interested in you.
  • If she meets you at the airport or station. Get the taxi to stop at a flower shop and buy roses. If it is not possible for you to get them because of the time of day, changing money or language difficulties. Try to let her know that you will get them later, using a translation app
  • Having communicated with  a girl not long I would give just one. On a first date having talked to her for a long time I would give her 15 roses, at least 5. If she says don’t buy me flowers. Still buy them.
  • Maybe give her some flowers every day you are with her, it would make a good impression.  Give 1 or 5 roses a day.
  • Give her the flowers near to your apartment. Then offer to leave them at your apartment, while you have your date. Ask her to come up with you to the apartment and when she picks the flowers up after.
  • Very long stems, the longer the better, biggest flowers.
  • They need to be in odd numbers (13 is good also) As many as possible 21, seen as a lot.
  • 101 is the ultimate, (well almost) and they would be very happy!! and surprised!! Maybe on a birthday or new year.)
  • Photos of girls with a big bunch of flowers are always on Instagram and facebook. Give them flowers and a photo of them will be on.
  • In Ukraine one quality rose with a long stem costs about £1.50. Seems a lot but the best are grown in Ecuador and the quality is fantastic.
  • ———- Never give yellow flowers this colour can be seen as unfaithfulness, red or pink are the best———–

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