Meeting her family

It is a big thing when you meet a girls family. It can be quite a long time after you meet your girl, but will definitely meet them when you get engaged. Take a bunch of flowers for her mum and any female relatives that will be there. Whisky for her dad or brothers, and sweets and chocolates for other relations and children. The chances are her family will live in a tower block on the outskirts of the city, or a small house in a town. It is important to take your shoes off in the hall of the apartment and do not step on any rugs. You will be given slippers to wear. It will be quiet with not much fuss. It’s extremely important to be very respectful to all relatives especially the parents and grandparents. Her brother(s) too, she will listen to their advice. There will be a buffet meal ready for everyone in the living room with dishes of Variniki, (dumplings with filling), blini, (pancakes), Shashlik, (BBQ’s meat pork on skewers) fish with lots of bones, and salad in mayonaise.You must eat some of each dish (even is you hate the thought of it) I had Kidney, it just tasted of wee. Her dad and brother will want to drink and talk with you while the women are out of the room. Some of them would have never met a foreigner before. Any children will be curious, some might want to sit on your knee which is normal. My Nephew did this and farted on me the first time I met him. The men dad, brothers and others, are, gentle and kind with strong principles, they will talk about football. Some people will know some English, but be shy speaking. Mum and grandmother, will be more trouble they will be feisty, but not showing it. Babushka’s (Grandmother) are notoriosly angry, foxy, feisty, aggressive, big, beware (imagine this is your wife in 35 years))))) They are the most respected in the family.

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