Russian and Ukrainian Girls

  • They are loyal
  • They are more traditional. Like girls a generation ago
  • They look after themselves, are thin, feminine, they have long hair and wear high heels. They don’t go out of the house without make up on.
  • They have relationships with older men, 10 years older is absolutely normal in Russia or Ukraine. 15 years can still be ok. They see an older man as more stable and reliable.
  • They normally behave like ladies. They do not drink excessively, or have one night stands, fight, swear. (Unlike American / EU women)
  • In marrying a foreigner woman are looking for a reliable husband, also security and a better life for them and their children. It is not for the mans money, but for the whole package. They have to have some romantic feelings for the man and see a long future together.
  • Girls might say they don’t drink or smoke, this can mean they do a little. This is not lying. The term just means different. Smoking rate is very high compared to the West, drinking is similar.
  • They will want to try for a baby straight away after engagement or marriage.
  • They are obsessed with Sushi. Unfortunately these are most expensive restaurants, Pizza is a good alternative.
  • Although Russian and Ukrainian women appear to be shy or cold  to start with, they take only slightly more time to warm  than Western women. They are more willing to please and put the mans pleasure in front of their own. In bed some are very experienced. Others might have been married before for 10 years, but are very inexperienced.

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