Why Do Russian or Ukrainian girls want to marry a foreign man?

  • Most would not consider this, maybe only 5% of women in Russia or Ukraine are interested in meeting a foreign man. If a girl’s friend has married a foreign man, then she might consider it.
  • Ask women this question and they might say, that Russian or Ukrainian men are not suitable to marry. Due to their drinking, or domestic violence, or family as not a priority for them.
  • Another answer they might give is they are not just looking for a foreign man, but a man from their country also.
  • Women want a good life for themselves and their children. They want security. They want to leave Russia or Ukraine, but if they could live well they would stay.
  • I don’t think women are interested in money per se, but there is an element in this, as money is security. To start
  • Women wouldn’t just meet and marry any man they meet. There would need to be a romantic element.
  • They would most likely spend a long time finding the right man.
  • Russian or Ukrainian girls like to travel is they have the chance, a different country would be appealing.

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