Odessa – Don’t Go There!!!!!

  • “Odessa! You will never find a more wretched hive of scam and villainy” Star Wars Quote.
  • If you need to go, I strongly recommend, taking someone that knows the city well and how it works with you.
  • I find it one of the slimiest places in the world.
  • Most of the major marriage agencies are based there, anastasia.com. There is a whole fake industry there that is not beneficial to the man.
  • The whole industry is based around getting money off foreign men, in any way possible.
  • Some women’s full time job is getting money off foreign men in any way they can, I’m not joking.
  • They are other scams carried out by men and women, normally in a similar form.
  • I would recommend that you don’t go there on own. Definitely not with a dating agency. If you have already booked an agency tour, I can help you in the socials. I would recommend that I get you real dates through a reputable real dating site like sovietdate.com
  • I’ve been to Odessa a few times. Every time there I’ve been scammed, and I didn’t even visit a marriage agency which are by far the biggest scammers.
  • For me there is a seedy and dark side to city. There are nightclubs and in the summer there are big open air clubs. Drug problems and mafia involvement. The port is used to import drugs into Europe. Also many casinos.
  • The scams that I’ve experienced, but not fallen for all are:
  • A gypsy saying I had walked by him and knocked his baby, then chasing after me, I assume wanting money. I not hit the baby) and I think he had borrowed it.
  • A girl that I went to see doubled the price of an apartment I asked her to rent for me
  • I wanted to buy tickets for a show at the opera house, she said a price and I gave the money to her rather than the box office. Price would have been inflated.
  • Took me around expensive shops, hoping I would buy something for her.
  • Inflated prices of taxi’s, double or more.
    • Michael from the US says:
    • I also have been scammed by a woman in Odessa.
    • After 3 months of discussion I went to her and she took me only to “her” place and she never wants to be on a photo with me. the second day, I had already some doubt about her and the hotel manager confirms me the same. He also confirms me that she was working for an agency to scam foreigner.
    • I must stay two weeks long and Odessa is a nice city if you are very carefully with the woman. After a few days I met another woman, and she tried to do the same.
    • She took me to “her” place ‘restaurant, bars, … You have to be aware that you will receive a menu with higher price and the girl will get some commission.
    • this system is working for everything restaurant, bars, clothes shop, beauty shop.
    • Be extremely carefully if the girl advise you to book in a specific hotel. You will pay more and she will get some commission.Now I have to tell you that I also met a woman, we lost the contact by a stupid accident, but she never asked for anything. I’ve tried to contact her many times, but I did not succeed.

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