Real Russian and Ukrainian Dating

  • Real dating is a name I’ve used for dating that is no different to internet dating in America or Europe. It”s just between an Ukrainian woman and a foreign man.
  • There should be absolutely no stigma about this dating.
  • Men are making a positive informed choice.
  • Meeting on reputable dating sites like 
  • No exploiting Marriage Agencies.
  • No fake tours
  • No fake profiles
  • No meeting women that are not interested in you.
  • No meeting women you are not interested in.
  • No scammers
  • No paying highly inflated foreign prices for an apartment, taxi’s, flowers, translation, meals or anything else as you are a foreigner
  • Having information and being able to make an informed decision on a girl.
  • Ukraine dating expert with you.
  • Constant help and advise in Ukraine.
  • Only meet girls you are interested in.
  • Only meet girls that are interested in you.
  • Problems with most internet dating sites:
  • Old photos – Need a number of recent photos including bad, face, full length,  without make up, instant selfie is best.
  • Heavier than weight said – site does not say weight, no full length shot.
  • older than age, name – best to use photos, usernames / emails might have a year on.
  • A picture of their passport would answer some of these
  • Profile not completed – If they have children, if they want to have children, weight, height, only one photo
  • The site used is extremely expert at dealing with all of these problems and I thoroughly recommend it.


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