Russian or Ukranian Girls And Marriage

  • Russian or Ukrainian boys and girls often marry young, in their late teens, early 20’s and have children soon after.
  • Some of the reason for this is that the girl and her boyfriend want to live together, the only way they can afford to do this is to live with their parents Their parents sometimes won’t let them live together in their home unless they get married.
  • After marriage they normally divorce quite quickly.
  • There is also a stigma of having children out of marriage, abortions are quite common.
  • If a girl is not married by 25 it’s seen that she is an old maid, on the shelf, not wanted, a failure.
  • All of her female relatives, and some male relatives will be reminding her, that she needs to find a husband and have children.
  • In having a husband her status changes, she demands more respect and it is now possible for her to have children. Without a husband there would not be enough money. Even with his wage there might only be enough money to have one child.
  • As it’s standard that a man can be 10 years probably 15 years older than the girl, after her mid 20’s it is difficult for a girl to find a husband.
  • Older Russian or Ukrainian men with money with have a wife and maybe look for a mistress. One option for single women is to be a mistress and even have children with the man.
  • In Russia there are 87 men for every 100 women. In Ukraine there are 86 men for ever 100 women.
  • Men live until 63 and women 75  in Russia. In Ukraine men live until 65 and women 75
  • Some women aren’t in a rush to get married, and for most women one child is enough.
  • From 25 to 35 women concentrate on finding a husband. Some try online dating sites to fins a foreign man to marry.
  • Before 25 I would say  girls on the sites are playing and a large amount are scammers, asking foreign men for goods or money.

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