A Womans View – By Inna Shmyhol.

Nowadays, marriage dating sites have become possible, realistic and fashionable. People from different cultures, living thousands of miles away from each other hoping to find their soul mate and find happiness. There is a definite pattern of development of a relationship through marriage dating sites. It all starts with the first message…. I want to draw the attention of foreign men on how important is the first message. It must contain a greeting, a compliment, a brief information about yourself and a phrase that a man is interested in this woman. You should also ask at least one question.

Then, after two or three letters, when a man is convinced the woman meets his criteria and wants to continue the dialogue, it is necessary to verify the reality of each other. You must talk to her on camera and see each other. Then people can decide to continue or stop communicating. Separately I want to say how the man presents himself on camera is very important. The first impression is very important, he must look his best, be prepared in what he will say and only then go on camera. After going on camera, relationships go to another level. 

I want to draw the attention of men that are serious, interested men, should find time everyday to communicate to the woman that is the object of his attention. To write or say a few nice words, much time is not required. After about a month of communication you need to make a decision about whether to meet the woman. After all, a personal meeting is everything. Men should know how much it will cost. Where and when they will meet should be decided together. For a man to conquer a woman he should bring small gifts at least: flowers, chocolates, perfume, etc. The long-awaited meeting — It requires considerable material and emotional efforts from both sides. Because women carefully prepare for the meeting: spend a lot of time at the beauty salon, buy new clothes, etc. To meet male needs to come with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. By this gesture he will make a very good impression on the woman. The meeting should not turn into a celebration. You should behave naturally and relaxed. To discuss all aspects of life and not remain silent about any problems. The only way to get to know each other. The result of the meeting it is impossible to foresee. It depends, very much… Yes, a man risks by investing in a meeting. However, the saying goes: “Who doesn’t try gets nowhere”. It is important whatever the outcome of the meeting to leave a good impression. Dear foreign men, hurry up to register on the matrimonial sites. Maybe your soulmate is waiting for you there…

By Inna Shmyhol.

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